From a modest beginning, with a small Office and few suppliers, today LOTUS GRAND EXPORTS has grown to manage its own requirements, well equipped with suitable infrastructure and qualified manpower.


  • We specialize in consumer packing, pre-packs and/or re-packing.
  • Customized packaging managed as per customer's requirements.
  • Packaging material used as per customer's requirement and guidelines.
  • We also specialize in private labeling in all food products.

Storage & Shipping:

    Our Warehouse at Lower Parel is well equipped with hygienic storage facilities for storing and shipping of Products.
  • Proper Ventilation & Cleanliness maintained with care.
  • Insect free surroundings with periodical Pest Control activity.
  • A safe & hygienic work environment with proper food handling practices.


  • Stuffing done under personal guidance.
  • Strict adherence to top quality and appearance specifications
  • Rigid quality control procedures.
  • Operations conducted under strict sanitary conditions.
  • Export material packed in jute purses, polypropylene or multi-layer paper-bags with inner liner.

Our Vission & Mission:

We are a group and together we are dedicated to Accomplishing Complete Top quality, Remarkable Service and continue enhancement in every part of our business…

Specifying and being attentive towards client's needs wishes and specifications in all functions.

  • Accountability for one's action.
  • Communication is the key to working together.
  • Ethics in dealings.
  • Integrity, Believe in and Equity.
  • Our employees as our resource.
  • Professionalism.
  • Providing only conventional and quality products.
  • Strict sticking to venture finalization work deadlines.

Recognize the 'brick walls' that restrict our individuals from executing and our customers from having the type of connection with our company that they want.

Identify possibilities for our individuals to exercise their capability to react to customers.

Support our individuals for taking personal liability to use their effort and abilities that make the encounters that make customers faithful to our company.

Communicate our ideal programs with our individuals so they can better appreciate how their everyday activities assistance the accomplishment of our company's greatest perspective, objective and objectives.